Association of legal entities «Center for Analysis and investigation of cyber-attacks» (abbreviated — ALE «CAICA» or Center) was founded in 2015.

The main activity of the Center is to assist the competent authorities of Republic of Kazakhstan and private structures in the detection and analysis of cyber-crime, the development of Information Security Institute, as well as conducting an information security audit.

Information security audit — is a thorough examination, allowing to show the current level of information security in the organization and to develop recommendations on improving an information security. In conducting an audit, the organizational, technical and program-technical methods of information protection are examined, that allows to take into account all possible threats to the organization.

Information security audit helps to determine all possible sources of threats, identify their level of criticality to the business. Internal audit of information security is always more effective when it runs by professionals, not by the company’s employees. The invited company has more extensive knowledge and skills, better tools to conduct internal audit of information security. Moreover, the level of responsibility of the invited company is higher than employees’ level of responsibility. Therefore, an internal audit of information security from ALE «Center for Analysis and investigation of cyber-attacks» will be the high-quality protection for your business.

Information security audit of the enterprise — is a thorough check of enterprise networks and web resources condition. Security audit of information systems is carried out using an automated system of vulnerabilities search. Scan results allows to determine the vulnerability sources of network resources, their criticality and to analyze the possible consequences of these threats. The report on the results of security audit of information systems has all the recommendations to eliminate network vulnerabilities and network resources. If requested, an agreement for further service will be signed with ALE «Center for Analysis and investigation of cyber-attacks,» in the frame of which the security condition of network resources will be brought in full compliance with standards.